Endlessly, endlessly fighting for the lives
and dignity of the people we represent.



We respect each person we are privileged to serve. We provide a safe space for our clients to tell their story and be heard with empathy and acceptance.


Ego has no home in our office – no single person ever rises above our mission. We are a listening and learning organization, one that truly hears our clients and each other.


Our clients deserve the same commitment and representation as the wealthiest people in the world. We approach that task with passion and ensure that our work is thorough and rigorously prepared.


Our work extends far beyond the courtroom. We use all available means to educate on and support initiatives and programs that benefit our clients, their families, and our community.


We draw on the latest legal decisions, statutes, and procedures to apply best practices to the defense of our clients. We share with and learn from our colleagues across the state and beyond and invest time in our own education and improvement. Complacency has no place in our office.


We work in an inclusive environment that reflects the diversity and values of our clients and our community. We encourage differences of opinion, ask questions instead of judging, and we value the deep connection between empathy and kindness. We create a safe space for thought, discussion, and initiative.


What we do speaks more loudly than our words. Our reputation is defined by our every action, every day. We recognize the pricelessness of trust from our clients and all those with whom we come into contact. We let our actions speak for themselves.